Mental Health Issues:

The National Institute of Mental Health is a reliable source and offers a wealth of information on mental illness:  CLICK HERE

 Substance Use Disorders:

To find resources for treatment of Alcohol Use Disorders: CLICK HERE

For a guide to local insurance based treatment options in NYC: CLICK HERE

Grievance Policy

Grievances about workshops provided by Jumana Grassi, LCSW should be made directly to Laila Caron, LMSW Social Work Consultant at LailaCaron@gmail.com, or via phone at 347-628-9628. Laila will respond within 48 hours. A final resolution will be determined within 7 business days.

You may also contact CE Director, Jumana Grassi, at JumanagrassiLCSW@gmail.com.

When a participant, either verbally or in written format, files a grievance the following actions will be taken by the Social Work Consultant, Laila Caron:

  1. If the complaint concerns a facilitator/speaker, the content presented by the speaker, or the style of presentation, the individual filing the complaint will be asked to put his/her comments in writing. Laila Caron will then pass on the comments to the speaker, assuring the confidentiality of the individual making the complaint.

  2. If the complaint concerns content, level of presentation, or the facilities in which the workshop was offered, Laila Caron will mediate. Jumana Grassi will be the final arbitrator.

  3. If the participant requests action during a workshop or conference, Laila Caron will investigate the request and take necessary actions. In some cases,  Jumana Grassi, LCSW (the organization) will offer a full or partial refund or will provide credit to another workshop.

All actions outlined above will require a written note, documenting the grievance, for record keeping purposes.  The note will be kept confidential if requested.